For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.
Luke 19:10

Sending Reports

Reports on events, happenings, and outreach efforts are encouraged. No event or outreach effort is too small or insignificant for this blog. For sake of fellowship, it is advisable to email a copy of the report to one of the elder's in your local assembly.  A few things to remember:
  • Provide some details on how and why the effort or activity got started.
  • Provide an overview of some of the planning considerations that others could benefit from.
  • Give your thoughts on how successful the event was.
  • In the will of the Lord, will you repeat this effort and what changes could be made in the future to make it more effective?
  • Although the postings will be limited to those in Christian assembly circles, write it as though you were addressing a diverse audience of Christians from all over. Use this test as you write: "If I was a Christian from another country and not familiar with the assembly, would I understand what is written in the report?"
  • No word limit has been established but use common sense as to how long the report should be. Ask yourself if you were reading someone else's report of this length, would you finish reading it.
Send a Report by Email

Pictures - if a picture(s) of the event is available, attach it to the email.

The Sharing of Personal Stories and Anecdotes is also encouraged. Personal encounters and unique opportunities to witness to another person should be shared here. However, we will not be posting the names of those who share a story of how they had an opportunity to witness to a person who crossed their path.  We will give the age category, the gender and the general location of the individual i.e. state or province.

Send a Story