For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.
Luke 19:10

Monday, April 11, 2016

Busy Making Daisy Chains

Mrs. Mae Hull, Truro, Nova Scotia, the widow of the esteemed servant of the Lord, Albert Hull, recently made a request. Her desire is for all of us to read Amy Carmichael’s “Daisy Chain” by having it distributed online. Her prayer is that many hearts would be touched and we would sense the urgency of getting the Gospel to those who are perishing. As I understand it, the version below is slightly adapted from Amy Carmichael’s original. 

If you can help in circulating this stirring post among your Christian friends, it would be appreciated. And if you would like to thank Mrs. Hull for initiating this effort, click on her name above. I am sure she would love to hear from you.

Daisy Chains

Things As They Are!

By Amy Carmichael

The tom-toms thumped on all night, and the darkness shuddered around me like a living feeling thing.  I could not go to sleep, so I lay awake and looked; and I saw, and it seemed like this:

That I stood on a grassy plateau, and at my feet a precipice broke sheer down into infinite space.  I looked, but saw no bottom; only cloud shapes, black and furiously coiled, and great shadow-shrouded hollows and unfathomable depths.  Back I drew, dizzy at the depth.

Then I saw forms of people moving single file along the grass.  They were making for the edge. There was a woman with the baby in her arms and another little child holding on to her dress.  She was on the very verge.  Then I saw that she was blind.  She lifted her foot for the next step… It trod air.  She was over, and the children over with her.  Oh, the cry as they went over!

Then I saw more streams of people flowing from all quarters.  All were blind, stone blind; all made straight for the precipice edge. There were shrieks as they suddenly knew themselves falling, and a tossing up of helpless arms, catching, clutching at empty air.  But some went over quietly and fell without a sound.

Then I wondered, with a wonder that was simply agony, why no one stopped them at the edge.  I could not.  I was glued to the ground, and I could not call.  Though I strained and tried, only a whisper came.

Then I saw that along the edge there were sentries set at intervals.  But the intervals were far too great; there were wide, unguarded gaps between.  And over these gaps the people fell in their blindness, quite unwarned; and the green grass seemed blood-red to me, and the gulf yawned like the mouth of Hell.

Then I saw, like the picture of peace, a group of people under some trees, with their backs toward the gulf.  They were making daisy chains.  Sometimes when a piercing shriek cut the quiet air and reached them, it disturbed them and they thought it a rather vulgar noise.  And if one of their numbers started up and wanted to go and do something to help, then all the others would pull that one down.  Why should you get so excited about it?  You must wait for a definite ‘call’ to go.  You haven’t finished your daisy chains.  “It would be really selfish,” they said, “to leave us to finish this work alone.”

There was another group.  It was made up of people whose great desire was to get some sentries out; but they found that few wanted to go, so it was that sometimes there were no sentries for miles and miles at the edge.

Once a girl stood alone in her place, waving the people back; but her mother and other relatives called and reminded her that her furlough was due; she must not break the rules.  And, being tired and needing a change, she had to go and rest a while; but no one was sent to guard her gap, and over and over the people fell, like a waterfall of souls.

Once a child caught at a tuft of grass that grew at the very brink of the gulf; the child clung convulsively, and it called, but nobody seemed to hear.  Then the roots of the grass gave way, and with a cry the child went over, its two little hand still holding tight the torn off bunch of grass.

And the girl who longed to be back in her gap thought she heard the little one cry, and she sprang up and wanted to go; at which her relatives reproved her, reminding her that no one is necessary anywhere – the gap would be well taken care of, they knew. And they sang a hymn.

Then through the hymn came another sound like the pain of a million broken hearts wrung out in one full drop, one sob.  And of horror of great darkness was upon ME, for I knew that it was the cry of blood.

Where were the heralds?  Where are the men of God who will sacrifice self and case to preach Christ to a dying world?  The definite call is to you beloved child of God.  All that are redeemed belong to God.  He has a distinct claim upon every saved to soul and says to all, “As my Father hath sent me, even so I send you.” (John 20:21)

Then thundered a voice, the voice of the Lord; and He said, “Whom shall I send and who will go for us?  Then said I: Here am I; send me.”  And He said, “Go, and tell this people…”  Isaiah 6:8, Mark 16:15) The Lord Jesus said, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature… And low, I am with you alway.” (Matthew 28:20)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Google Maps Gospel Outreach

The possibilities and venues for Gospel outreach seem almost limitless. I'm encouraged and energized when believers share things they are humbly trying to do to share the Gospel. It's difficult to get stories and examples for this blog as Christians are afraid some might think they are bragging or boasting about their efforts. Of course - they are not! Actually, by sharing such examples and stories, others are encouraged to become active in some new little venture for the Lord. 

To keep things in perspective - for decades, we've been sharing news about special Gospel meetings held around the country either as pioneer efforts or as assembly sponsored activities. People have found such information helpful and encouraging over the years. So this blog expands on that concept. There's much, much more to Gospel work than public preaching.

Here's the latest example of a little personal outreach activity from a couple in Manitoba. The first paragraph of the letter below explains the approach this couple is using to share the Gospel.

Dear Friend, 
We have never met and it’s not likely we ever will.  This is not a mass mailing program. We don’t represent a group, religion or denomination. Let me tell you how you have received this letter. We live in Southern Manitoba, Canada.  Each morning I pull up Google Maps and scan the entire United States of America and Canada.  Of the approximate 150 million homes or so, I select three. It could be in any state, province, city or town.  Google maps provides me with the address and code and I mail this letter.

You see, I am a Christian and believe that there is a wonderful message of Hope to be shared.  This message is found in John 3:16. “For God so loved the world that he gave His only Begotten SON, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish but have Everlasting life”.  This verse of 25 words shows me what God did in the first 12 words and what I needed to do in the last 12 words. The 13th or middle word is “SON”.  We find God through His Son.
This morning your home was selected as one in about 50 million.  As I wrote your address on the envelope, I prayed that it will not be by chance that the message of the enclosed pamphlet finds you at a time when it could bring Hope to your life. I prayed for the blessing of God on you and your family.

One day, perhaps very soon, the world as we know it today will end. The Bible speaks clearly of this. What also will end is the opportunity to receive God’s amazing gift of his free grace and forgiveness ; “The Gift of God which is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ.”  It’s a gift – you don’t work for it – you believe and receive it. I ask that you read this material carefully and with a sense of urgency. It can change your eternity.  
If you have a Bible, begin to read in the Gospel of John in the New Testament.  Read the first five chapters several times over the next while.  Ask God to speak to you and he will.  Perhaps you have never had much time for the Bible. Over time as you begin to read these chapters, God through his Holy Spirit will show you truths about Himself and yourself. God desires to know you personally through his Son Jesus Christ. This is the way to Eternal Life.

Jeremiah 29:13 says “You shall seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart”
A website I enjoy is . I think you will find their articles interesting. I recommend a video called “The Last Adam” found under the “NEWS” tab.  It will be 15 minutes well spent.

We hope you have a wonderful day. May God richly bless you.
Ron and Nancy Burley for more questions, comments or other material.

On the reverse side of the letter, more information is shared about their family to add a personal touch and to show that the letter is not from some dubious kook. You may not feel comfortable sharing similar information with people you don't know, but you will be able to add your own personal touch that reflects your comfort level.

So here is the reverse side of the letter:

I’ve always had an interest in maps. As a boy I would sit down with a large atlas and stare at small towns and interesting places and begin to wonder what those people did every day, how they made their living and most of all why they would find themselves living in that particular small location on this great map.  People were likely raised there and never moved away. Perhaps employment took people to a new setting.
We live in a very small community in southern Manitoba. Our roots are Vancouver Island. That’s where we were raised and married. We spent 23 years in Calgary, Alberta and now the past 13 years in Manitoba.
Since beginning this little effort of sending out 3 letters per day, I’ve been reminded of two important things.  One day my mouse pointer will zoom in on what looks to be a very modest home in a district where people may struggle financially. The next day it may focus on a home backing an expensive golf course in a high valued location. It reminds me that the message of God’s Love is the same for the rich and poor, or any color, ethnicity or gender.  God’s love transcends all of our differences and He has chosen to love “All Men”, everywhere, no matter who we are or where on the map we are found. That’s the wonder of the message of the Gospel. I invite you to take some thoughtful minutes and ponder the future. God’s love and forgiveness is available to all. 
We live a simple, rural life, but God has given us incredible wealth through a large, wonderful family. For this we feel blessed without measure. But more important to us is Salvation which brings me into a far greater family – God’s eternal family. The secure Hope of Life Eternal is not something that I would trade for anything. I marvel every day that this treasure is a Gift.   Romans 6:23 says “For the Wages of Sin is Death but the Gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord”.   None deserve it. We are all born as sinners, undeserving of God’s Love and yet Romans 5:8 says “But God displayed His Love towards us, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Children's Gospel Songs - Keep Singing

Yesterday, I had a very encouraging email from Steve and Merle Kember, who serve the Lord full-time in Saskatchewan.  Among other things in the email, he shared a little story that encouraged their hearts recently.  I am pasting that story below, praying that it will encourage you in your work with children.

Merle and I continue at the Women’s Prison and were encouraged a week ago in speaking from Isa 1:18, where God is calling people to come and reason with Him. In the middle of speaking, a lady of about 30, spoke out cheerfully saying, “Wow, I never understood before what Jesus really did on the cross when He died for my sins.” We think she may have been saved, but we are not permitted to visit individually.
Also while visiting the prison on another occasion, I spoke on the 4 colours - hearts black with sin, blood (red) of our Lord Jesus cleansing and making our hearts white; and the gold streets of Heaven. 
We then taught them the song, I’m sure you know it…         Our hearts were black with sin,Until the Saviour came in,His precious blood I know,Has washed me white as snow,And in God’s Word, I’m told,           I’ll walk the streets of gold,Oh wonderful, wonderful day,He washed my sins away.
One of the dear ladies seemed deeply touched, and said, “I know that song and all the time you were speaking, I was thinking about that song, and I have always remembered those colours!
We asked her where she learned it. She said she came from a First Nations community in northern Saskatchewan, and when she was a girl she went to a kids club in a little mission in the village and the man and his wife. who ran the mission, taught the kids that song.
It pretty much made us cry, to think of a dear couple, whoever they were, sowing the Good Seed in a far off lonely community, likely wondering at times if it was worth it – and here was a lady sitting in prison, maybe 20 years later, that still remembered!  We felt God had drawn very near to all of us that morning and we have hopes this lady will one day gather with that couple around the Throne of God. 
Think of those 20 years since she first heard that song.  Think of all the dark thoughts that passed through her mind; think of all the deep wounds that are burned into her memory; think of all the inner grief that she has lived with over those 20 years – – amidst the darkness, think of that chorus shining -- yes shining as probably the only light in her life.  Never to be forgotten in her life and throughout eternity is that Christian couple who travelled to her community faithfully and shared, through stories and songs, the wonderful truth of the gospel.

You may be looking for tangible results immediately or at least in the near future.  Keep on loving the children; keep on showing them kindness; keep on responding tenderly to them, even when they may have some annoying times; keep on telling them about Jesus; and keep on singing songs that are packed full of the gospel.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Evangelistic Outreach Halifax July 13-17

From Matthew Cain
Image result for halifax skyline night

In November, I sent out a message informing people about a week of evangelistic outreach in Halifax this summer. Lord willing, we are going ahead with these plans.

In consideration of the Lord’s call for us to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15), and remembering that people are “born again … through the living and abiding word of God” (1Peter 1:23), and that we have the privilege of being “ambassadors for Christ”, “working together with Him” (2Cor 5:20; 6:1), we are proposing a multi-pronged gospel outreach, that we expect will include:  

  1. Seed Sowers / Gospel Text delivery door to door in Halifax (exact community TBD)
  2. Street Evangelism downtown Halifax, including tract distribution and open air gospel meetings
  3. Children’s Meetings in a tent
There will also be daily Bible teaching sessions, with the content of the teaching directed towards younger believers. We will hold such sessions in the evenings, and likely in the mornings as well.

Evenings will potentially involve hymn singing, the above mentioned open air gospel preaching, campfires, or other activity, including the regular mid-week meeting of the assembly here on Wednesday night. The final day of the week will be a day off to enjoy some sunshine and outdoor activities.

This is a great opportunity for young believers to be involved in the spread of the gospel and receive some sound, consecutive teaching. We also look forward to families joining us to enjoy this week together as a family.  There are multiple ways people can be involved, including distribution of texts, driving people around the communities where they will be delivering texts, and helping with suppers as well.

This will be taking place July 13-17, with arrival of anyone from out of town expected on Sunday, July 12th. Due to the amount of organization that is required to carry out this plan, and also because of the need to purchase food and arrange meals for the group, REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. I know that many people will have some interest, but tend to be hesitant in finalizing their plans. You will likely need to put this week into your calendar and commit to coming in advance

There will be a REGISTRATION DEADLINE, likely June 15th. Registration will involve two steps. 1) Filling out a form, signing it, and sending it to me; 2) Submitting a nominal registration fee of $10 (if more than one person in a family is attending, $20 will cover the entire family).  You will not be considered registered until both of these steps are completed. Depending on the response and accommodation availability here, there may be a limited number of spaces available. You are not considered “registered” merely by replying to an email or a Facebook “event”.

Anyone under the age of 16 who wants to participate must have a parent with them in order to participate in this week.

Accommodations for the week can be arranged by yourself or through me. Options will include space in local believers’ homes (while space is available), booking space at a local campground, or a room at a local university dorm (likely Mount Saint Vincent University in Bedford, at a relatively inexpensive nightly rate as the University is happy to rent out these rooms in the summer time when students are gone).  Obviously, those that register first and request accommodation in local believers’ homes will be the first ones to be granted those limited spaces. As with Seed Sowers events in Ottawa and other places that some of you have attended in the past, lunch purchases will be your responsibility. A delicious supper will be provided free of charge at the hall each evening.

The outreach is being carried out in fellowship with the local church meeting at North Street Gospel Hall. The main objectives of the week are to spread the gospel and to provide good Bible teaching for young believers. Working together with likeminded Christians, serving the Lord together as a family, and just enjoying the Christian fellowship will also be a blessing. Attendees will have to adhere to a small number of rules – it is not a free-for-all week for you to do whatever you want in Halifax.  The delivery of texts is an important part of the week, but we do not want you to be so exhausted from that aspect of the work that your minds will not be fresh enough to appreciate the Bible teaching sessions.  We are not going to work you to the bone, but neither is it a week’s holiday. It involves a serious and mature commitment, but we fully expect all who participate to enjoy the time and develop further happy memories stemming from Christian friendship and evangelistic outreach.

We feel it is great for young people, non-young people, and families to be jointly involved in spreading the gospel. I know for some of you this will involve taking a week of vacation from work and we think it will be well worth it. That is one reason we are trying to give you plenty of notice.

If you have any questions, please contact me using the contact information below. Feel free to share this with others.

On Behalf of the Christians Meeting at North Street Gospel Hall, Halifax,
Sincerely Yours in Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Matthew Cain

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Community Tax Clinic

We decided to try holding a different kind of community outreach this year – a free community tax clinic.  We have a number of accountants in our assembly, so we organized a tax clinic to help people with simple tax returns and modest incomes prepare their returns. 

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a program called the Community Volunteer Income Tax Preparation (CVITP) where they help community organizations set up and run such clinics.  We registered with CRA to sponsor a clinic, and advertised our clinic on the CRA website, as well as on our hall website and on Kijiji and a website called comefromchina for new Chinese immigrants.  We also posted notices about the clinic in a nearby community centre.  CRA provides training, and access to free software to use in preparing the returns.  At first the registration was slow and we wondered if we would have any returns to prepare, but by the time the clinic date arrived, we were full.  We learned that it was important to have a phone number for registration rather than just an email address, and we had someone look after booking the appointments when people called.

We ran our clinic on a Saturday from noon until 5 pm.  We set up a wifi connection at the hall so that we could electronically file the returns on the spot.  We booked appointments for every half hour, and our four tax preparers prepared about 30 tax returns.  Most of the people we helped live in the community around the hall, and for all of them, it was the first time they had ever been in the building.  We had a couple of people staffing a reception desk, and we served people coffee and snacks while they waited their turn.  It was interesting to watch them reading the texts on the wall.  Some of them asked questions about the hall while we prepared their taxes.

The people who came seemed to really appreciate the help.  We gave them an information sheet to let them know about the regular Sunday night gospel meeting at the hall and our ESL class, as well as upcoming events such as a clothing give-away and a gospel supper.

Overall we were very happy with the response.  It is quite a bit of work to set up and requires commitment from a number of people to run smoothly, but it brought many new contacts into the hall for the first time, and provided a way of doing good and helping the community. 

For more information email Ken Kember

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Clothing GiveAway 2014 - Moncton Gospel Hall

Each year people are eagerly looking to clean out their closets in preparation for the upcoming winter. We decided this year, with a gospel supper scheduled the next day, and a series of special Gospel meetings starting the following week, we would take what people are willing to give away and use it to make contacts with the community surrounding the Gospel Hall. In addition, we used this time to invite people to our Community Dinner held on the first Sunday of every month.

In preparation for the Giveaway we distributed approximately 800 invitations to the surrounding community, which were double sided and had an invitation to the upcoming special gospel meetings. We distributed these via Canada Post a week before the Giveaway was scheduled. We also had people share an electronic copy of the invitation through social media. We were blessed with about 400 additional invitations being printed at no charge which were also distributed to two other areas of Moncton. Individual invitations were also given to friends and family who were in need.

Printed on the back of the Clothing GiveAway Invitation
The clothes were provided this year from the Christians only, however we had a number of others who asked next year if we would be taking donations.
The Clothing Giveaway started at 10am and lasted two hours. There was a steady stream of people who attended as well as a good mix of ages ranging from children to seniors. All were very happy to have this being offered in their community. We took every opportunity to give invitations to the Gospel suppers as well as the upcoming meetings and people were very open to taking what we had to offer.

We also offered Bibles to everyone who wanted one. We had three families come and one fellow who was in Canada for the first time from Africa. We provided coffee and tea, which gave the saints an additional opportunity to mingle and connect with people.

Overall this day was a huge success as thirty people of the thirty five who showed up had never set foot in the building before. These people came to get clothes and took the literature we offered. We gave out seventeen Bibles and had an opportunity to connect personally with everyone. The next day a mother and her daughter who came to the clothing giveaway attended the community dinner for the first time and stayed to hear the gospel after. Three other families that attended have been invited to bring their children to Sunday school.

Many Christians participated in the preparation of this event - as well as the day of the event and this was a huge encouragement. The Christians were very united in this work and the results speak for themselves.

If I could offer some encouragement to anyone looking to take on this kind of event it would be to pray for the Lord to help and get other people involved early. Do what you can do, let others do what they can do, then the Lord will do what we cannot do. Follow the pattern given in John 5 in the feeding of the 5000.

Submitted by: Brian Johnson, Moncton Gospel Hall, New Brunswick