For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.
Luke 19:10

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Christmas and Easter Workshops in Schools

Several years ago, we were speaking to a school teacher who had responsibility for religious lessons. She lamented that science and history had all the fun subjects and that as far as she was concerned it was difficult to make the Bible interactive and fun. It was around Easter time and without giving it too much thought we made her an offer that if she could arrange for us to come into school for a day we would have something that would bring the Bible to life for all the classes.

Our first attempt was rather ‘home made’ but in the Lord’s goodness it was enough to get the idea started and it has grown to the point where along with a small team of helpers we have the privilege of presenting the Saviour to over 50 classes in Christmas and Easter workshops.

Ten years later some of the schools we have access to have changed, but we are grateful to the Lord that from that little start, several thousand young people and adults have heard about the central message of the Bible. We have also been able to adapt the material for use in halls and at community events – and using the materials in videos (see link at our website which was particularly useful during the pandemic.

What have we learnt? Be willing to think imaginatively about how to present the greatest message! Using good quality visuals (such as those available at and ) is important to engage attention. We try not to take short cuts on the quality of materials and giveaways. Likewise, it has been essential to adapt for different age groups – from basic story books with toddlers up to teaching using Bibles with teens. One teacher remarked “I always look forward to the new twist you put on the same story” and each year we specifically plan so that there is something different to previous
occasions. We are now exploring options for adapting the unchanging material to take advantage of the technology with which youngsters are very familiar.

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