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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anchorpoint Radio Program - Kitchener, ON

Barbara Derksen (Kitchener Assembly) submitted this update on the Anchorpoint Radio Program. If you have any questions about the program or how you might be able to benefit from their growing library of edited and ready-to-air Gospel messages you can email her by clicking on her name.

For over two years we have been using the broadcast media to spread the good news of the Gospel. This is in the form of weekly radio broadcasts that started in March of 2008 and covered the Kitchener-Waterloo area (on Faith FM 94.3). Since July of 2009, this outreach has expanded into Toronto and the GTA (including Hamilton and Milton) on Joy 1250, an AM station. The Kitchener-based program is sponsored by the Kitchener Gospel Hall and the Toronto program is sponsored by a number of Toronto assemblies.

John Sharpe of the Kitchener assembly is the ‘voice’ of the program providing a short introduction at the beginning of each message along with closing remarks and a number of announcements (meeting times, gospel series, conferences, special offers) at the conclusion of the program. The broadcast is 30 minutes long. On occasion, an appropriate selection from Ruth Hanna’s song collection is added to complete the time and reinforce the message.

Only very high quality audio is suitable for radio. After they are selected, the messages are edited for length, production errors, and personal references. The speakers are full-time assembly evangelists who have given their permission to use their messages in this way.

This medium of outreach also provides an efficient means of advertising and creating public awareness of the local church testimonies. The personal audience impact is difficult to judge, though we have been encouraged by requests for CDs and other offers, word-of-mouth feedback, and a good hit rate on our websites ( and We have received uplifting emails and were told by some people that they listen to the broadcasts all the time! Whatever the known responses, we are grateful that clear Bible messages given by our assembly brethren are being made available to the wider listening public.

The Kitchener area broadcast airs at 8:00 EST on Thursday evenings. The Toronto area broadcast airs at 3:00 p.m. EST on Friday afternoons. We are happy and excited about the availability of both broadcasts on the internet via their respective websites ( and

On a practical note, we would very much appreciate high quality gospel/ministry recordings for use in future broadcasts. If anyone has any good recordings on hand, please let us know at by emailing us here: Barbara Derksen. Since well over a hundred different radio programs are already completed, only minimal editing and recording would be required for broadcast in other localities. Let us know if you feel that this form of ministry would work for your assembly. We are enthusiastic about this method of gospel outreach and are confident that the Lord will bless His Word sent over the airways for His intended purpose and glory.

Submitted by: Barbara Derksen

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