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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Teaching the Bible in a Public School in Canada

As requested, Renette Chiasson, in fellowship with the Baddeck, Cape Breton assembly in Nova Scotia has submitted a brief report on a Bible Club she conducts at the public school where she is a teacher.

Many are of the opinion that our public schools are completely opposed to any form of biblical teaching within their walls. In most cases this is true, but when God opens doors, the impossible is suddenly possible.

In the summer of 2007, I visited Becky Kew, who works with the First Nations people, primarily through the school setting. 

As a teacher, I was inspired by her work and thought “why not try a bible class in my classroom as an extra-curricular activity?” keeping in mind that there were fellow colleagues who teach Catechism classes after hours.

When September rolled around, I gathered the courage to ask my principal for permission for a “Bible Club”. To my dismay, the man hardly blinked an eye and gave me full liberty to go through with my plans.
(Teaching the Bible Club class.)

Since then, on Tuesday afternoons from 3pm-5pm, approximately 10-17 students from grades 3-6 stay for the activities. The club is operated much like a Sunday School. They play outside for the first little bit, devour a healthy snack, sing children’s songs, listen to a bible story, memorize scripture, play games, etc. The children are always very enthusiastic and seem to really enjoy their afternoon.
(Students following along in their Bibles.)

At the end of the year, we do a little presentation for the parents which includes a skit based on a bible story, singing, scripture recitation, and refreshments. This has always been very well attended by the Moms and Dad, several of whom are also fellow teachers, presenting a unique way of sharing the gospel with them as well.
(Bible Club students reciting Bible memory verses that start with each letter of the alphabet.)

I am truly thankful to the Lord for this open door and pray that the students remain enthusiastic sponges of God’s word! It has been such a privilege to tell them about the Saviour and how they can know God’s forgiveness. Only God knows the potential of the seed planted.

If you teach in a public school and would like to correspond with Renette Chiasson about her approach and insights and any advice she may wish to give you, based on her experience, just click on her name. Start praying now. The Lord may open the door for you too. The principal may say yes.

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