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Luke 19:10

Monday, August 23, 2010

PENS - Ideal for Sharing the Gospel

Gospel tracts and pamphlets are great. Sometimes they don't always fit in your pocket or they get wrinkled in your purse. And once you have passed the tract to a cashier or a bus driver or server, you don't know how long it will last. Will they read it in its entirety and then throw it away? Will it last a day after it leaves your hand? Sometimes they do and they have been mightily used in the salvation of souls.

But have you considered getting your own personalized pens produced? They're  much cheaper than you might think. You could put your favorite verse on it and your email address. Or a website address, a searching Gospel question and a verse. 

Have you thought of some of the reasons why pens are a good Gospel outreach tool?

  1. Pens are needed by people in offices, stores, homes, classrooms and shops. Apart from any spiritual value - the pen as a writing instrument is desirable.
  2. A Pen is seen more as a gift or a memento. Usually people say "O, thank you! That's great."
  3. Pens rarely get thrown into the garbage until they cease to function. Sometimes even after the advertising labels have worn off, people continue to use the pen. I have left pens by cash registers in shops in our town and have gone back six months later and the pen is in use. In fact, at the Canadian Tire the other day, a clerk handed me a heaven4sure pen I had left there months earlier. I signed the receipt; smiled to myself and never said a word!! May the ink never run dry. :-)
  4. You can always carry a couple of pens on you. Make it a practise to have one at all times in your shirt pocket, or attached to the sun visor of your car or a few rolling around in the bottom of your purse. They don't get crumpled around the edges - even after a week or two in your purse, you can hand them out. They are so durable and enduring too.
  5. If you are dreadfully shy to give a pen directly to a person, you can leave pens at vacant counters, desks,  ATMs, or on the seat behind you and the pen will find an owner.
  6. The message you put on it is succinct and clear and is usually read by the initial user and every user after that.

This posting is NOT about promoting The pictures are designed to whet your appetite to purchase your own supply from a pen company.

I have purchased pens from an American firm or Their prices are very reasonable. You can get your own pens with your own message for as little as 19 cents each. I recently purchased 1500 pens for $330. plus tax and shipping. They arrived in less than two weeks after placing the order. They have a huge selection of pens from inexpensive stick pens, to click pens to very nice gift pens. You can subscribe to their email alerts of major sales. Often you can buy small supplies of 100 or 200 pens for as little as 39 cents each.

Do your own online search for good buy pens. You may find a company in your own country that offers great deals.

Be sure to include in your inscription some contact information. An email address, a Gospel based website, the name of the local assembly, a phone number, or something....just in case the person wants to follow up with a spiritual inquiry.  

If you have had experiences with pens as Gospel outreach 'tools' - share your experience or insights or recommendations below in the comment section.

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