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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CDs and DVDs for Gospel Outreach

CDs and DVDs for Gospel Outreach
Recently an inquiry was made as to the availability of audio-visual Gospel resources for workers and assemblies to use. Not many responses were received which may suggest a need for doctrinally sound, professionally and attractively packaged Gospel DVDs and CDs. Perhaps there are believers reading this who are wondering how they may contribute to the spread of the Gospel. Maybe you have been entrusted with resources other Christians don’t have and you are praying about Gospel-based ventures in which you could invest for eternity.  This may be a matter you could pray about.

I will share with you a summary of the responses I received. It is wise to check out these resources for yourself before you invest in a large supply for distribution. You need to assure yourself that the content is doctrinally sound and presents Gospel truths in a way you feel comfortable with.
If you would like to recommend other resources you can post your recommendations in the comment section below this post.


The Good Test. This 17 minute professionally produced message powerfully undermines any notion that we are good enough to earn our way to heaven. It then concisely presents Christ as the Saviour.

Other DVDs are available at the above website as well.


 Over 750,000 of the six cds below have been produced and distributed.
1.       Nothing Happens by Chance – Wm. MacDonald
2.       World's Biggest Lie - Wm. McDonald,
3.       The Uniqueness of Christianity – J.B. Nicholson
4.       Highway to Heaven – J.B. Nicholson
5.       Hope in the Storms of Life – J.B. Nicholson
6.       The Perfect Gift – J.B. Nicholson.  

Over 750,000 of the above CDs have been produced and distributed. You can listen to them online  at before you order a supply of them. The CDS cost $0.55 to produce and are available in large quantities based on the cost of production plus shipping. Payment can be made by cheque or through Paypal as a donation or gift to this ministry and tax deductible receipts are  issued.

You may also want to browse around this Gospel Outreach website: in search of Gospel videos and cds available.

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