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Luke 19:10

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Regular Communications with Your Community

As you read through Acts and the Epistles you see that local churches were planted in towns and cities to be a testimony to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and a corporate community 'presence' to send out the Gospel message. The whole idea of a 'presence and testimony' in the community is connecting with the community.

The assembly of Christians on First Street in Portage la Prairie in Manitoba distributes a quarterly community newsletter to approximately 2000 homes in the area. It is called: News on First

The newsletter usually contains a Gospel story based on something local that has happened or a local name that residents recognize. Due to time constraints, the sample newsletter contained in the link is an exception. It features a non-local story.

In addition to a Gospel story, there is a 'Church Bite' that very briefly explains some aspect of the local assembly. As well, contact information including an email address and phone number is given along with meeting times and notice of upcoming events.

If you would like to obtain the file and then adapt it to the specifics for your community you can email Owen Vanstone and he has kindly offered to send you the file.

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