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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Community Advertising for Special Events

So there's an opportunity for the community to be exposed to the Gospel or to just establish relationships with Christians in the area. There are multiple ways to advertise such events. Be sure to advertise.

Beautiful postcards are easy to produce and relatively inexpensive. Our annual Christian Conference is held in May each year. So we found a local May scene that would be meaningful to the local public. A suitable and appealing Bible [Gospel] verse was selected for the scene. 

The details of the event were provided on the reverse side of the card in black and white.

The quality of the actual image and printing on the card is far superior to what is shown above.

You can shop around. We have used for a couple of years and have been satisfied. You can upload the images to their website and design your postcard - back and front - all online. It is very user friendly.

If you want an idea on the price - as of May, 2014: we ordered 1000 glossy finished coloured postcards on card stock - black and white on reverse side, with 250 matching envelopes. Total price, including shipping, was $78.06 and was received within 10 days of placing the order.

These postcards are available to all the Christians for their distribution. The 250 matching envelopes are available for community contacts to whom Christians may want to mail personal invitations as opposed to hand-delivery.

If there is a website connected to the local event, be sure to include it on your invitation. 

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Mr. Prathipati Paul Raju said...

Dear Brother in Christ Greetings in Christ Our Lord. I belongs to Brethren. in 1976 when I am in High School Final(10th Class) Went to Summer Bible School. With Sports and Games preacher taught on Exodus of Israel in Bible came through 12 Chapter, Passover lamb, that indicates Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who He Slain, to redeem us from Bondage of sin and Slavery of Satan. Holy-Spirit Worked In me, Confessed my Sins at Him with tears, Accepted Lord Jesus as My Saviour, After came to, church, testimony Given , taken Baptism in River. This is my salvation Experience. With studies, Lord Used me His testimony among Youth and Sunday School, and Church. Studied Upto graduation in Arts, B.A., and Diploma in Civil Engineering DCE, from the beginning of My Spiritual Journey, Lord calling me to Fulltime Ministry. Asked Him Give Opportunity to do Job for 2 Years , get the job in Construction,As supervisor, After at the age 30, Obeyed to His Ministry.Dedicated In 1990, Get the
Married in same Year. In INDIA. Brethren Churches, felt happy, when the Godly youth Dedicated to Lord' Ministry. But, Not Supporting , Because , Due to Poverty. My Small Church members are, Daily Field Labourers. In India is Well. But, that Money is Some People hands only, When Exempt them, All are Below Poverty Line. We Come to that Line. I am Paster, Evangelist, Prison-chaplain( In India Government gives some Hours to say ethics to Prisoners with that We proclaiming Gospel) No Payment (Every year We have to renew the Permission for Prison) Now I get Permission, Doing since 17 Years. . Have the family , Wife is Annie, She Is In also in fulltime evangelistic ministry. Working among Women and Children. We have two Children, Beulah and Prizy. They are in studies. Church People gives Rice to eat, But, For Other needs We Look unto Lord. As Ravens feeded Elijah in Bible.Lord, He is Feeding. By Nett Joined in IPCA, International Prison chaplains
Association, World Conference Held 5 days in 2010 August in Stockholm Sweden in Claronton Hotel. Which I am Attended. Saw How the World going Down Spiritually, Learned to develop ministry. With urging , to Support my Evangelistic and Mercy ministry 100 Papers Distributed, Non-replied. This is my First Visit to another Country. I am not came to Germany. Nobody knows me, in another Places. This is my History.

Why I am mailing to You , to uphold us Financially with prayers. By Cycles , with another Brother, I am. going to Outreaches in villages and Towns around . Preaching Gospel with Mega-Phone in Streets and Distributing Tracts, With church Programmes on-going.2 Showing Mercy Upon Food Begging People by Giving Chacolats, Conducting Like Sunday School. Distributing Old Clothes( Collected )to Old and Needy. Here is Education is Costly, Praying for the School with Praying for My Children Education. 3. We can Use projectors if Lord Provides 4. Here is another Need , to train Youth and Children for another, Next generation Evangelism 5. Audio Video Developed in World, We can Proclaim Gospel BY T.V. If the Lord provides. Please Pray, If Lord Lead you, Consult in Church, Help us. I Declare that All Above Written is True and Correct in the Sight of God and me. Thank you, Your' in Christ, Bro. Paul Raju
Address: Bro.Prathipati Paul Raju, Paster, Evangelist, prison-Chaplain, Bethesda GDM Christian Assembly Church, Old town, At Pond, H. No.15-20-8, Opp.NTR park Gate, TANUKU-534211, Andhra State, INDIA. Phone: +91 9701707987, +91 8819-227063, e-mails:


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