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Friday, September 7, 2018

'The Women in My Life' Brunch

A couple of years ago, I was staying in the home of Dave and Susie Curran, while helping in a Gospel effort with the Pennsauken, NJ assembly. Susie asked me if I would have a very short Gospel message for a group of women she was having over to their home for a brunch. I agreed. She told me she would be inviting, from the community, all the women in her life who impacted or interacted with her and her family over the years.

I wasn't sure what to expect but as the cars started filling their driveway and parking on the street, I realized an impressive number of women were coming to the Curran home. Former babysitters, teachers, an obstetrician, work associates, etc. It seemed that many of them were contacts through their Moms and Tots program. If I remember correctly, there were approximately 50 who came for brunch.

There are more pictures below. I was reluctant to take too many pictures of guests I didn't know, but I can assure you, the tables outside on the upper and lower patio decks were filled with "the women in her life."

This is not a bragging matter. It is simply an effort to share an idea with you and to encourage you - wherever you may live - to try the same thing or something similar. We all have people in our lives. You may not do it twice a year. Maybe you won't even do it annually. Perhaps you will just do it once. 

But who would turn down a delicious meal, a little gift-package to take home, and possibly a five minute message of love and light from the Bible?!! Even if you don't have the courage to share a five minute message - just showing kindness and Christian love, along with giving thanks for the food - would make lasting impressions and strengthen relationships.

Perhaps you want to wait until next summer. But its not too early to start to pray about it and to think of the possibilities. Start making your list of people you could invite. Set a date. And if you are afraid, by the time next Spring or Summer rolls around, you might 'drop the ball' on this or put it off another year - send out a 'heads-up' - a 'reserve the date-range' alert now for next Spring or Summer. Put your intentions in writing now and then it is more difficult to procrastinate in eight months time.

By the way, if you have tried something similar to this, let us know, or add your comments in the feedback section for this post below. 

I asked Susie to share a few details in this post which she has kindly done below.   -Peter Ramsay
We have been doing the Moms and Tots program at our local assembly for quite a number of years now. Among other things, this has brought me into contact with many women from the community.
Over the years, we have had many people from our neighborhood and the surrounding area who have come faithfully to the Moms and Tots program and have brought along their friends as well. While we are sure to include the message of the gospel with each lesson, I wanted to have a way for ladies in my life, including the Moms and Tots adults, to be able to hear the gospel clearly. I thought by using the venue of my home it would be a way to do so.  
So, I have had two brunches a year - Easter time and Christmas when I invite the ladies in my life - neighbors, friends, Moms and Tots adults, co-workers, etc. They come for a meal and then a short message is given to them.  
This has been a great avenue for conversation and has brought about some great discussions about eternal matters.  I love using our home for the Lord, as we feel it belongs to Him and we are just trying to be good stewards of what He has given us.  
Many of these women attend their own churches on Sunday; so, this has been nice way to share the gospel with them, regardless of their background.  Many of the women look forward to it and have also asked to bring along a friend! 
I do send home a plant with the ladies and a Bible based children book to the moms of young children. I like to give at Christmas time a Bible calendar for the new year to them as well.  
I feel by inviting these ladies into our home - they will see what is important to me and, hopefully, it is a testimony to all who come.
Anyone interested in doing something similar, I would suggest to start small.  Just ask the ladies in your neighborhood, or a small group of women in your life.  It will grow quickly. It has proven to be a blessing to me on so many levels!  
"Only one life twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last."
Anyone wanting any additional information feel free to email me by clicking here.

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Jean Brandt said...

I am reading a book at the moment titled “The Gospel Comes with a house key”. So very fitting for your work! The book is by Rosario Butterfield, her story is amazing! Love your exercise and love for our Lord!