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Monday, December 16, 2019

Successful Halifax Christmas Carol Events

One of the reasons why there are not more posts to this blog might be the reluctance of Christians to talk about something they have tried to do for the Lord to reach others with the great news of Jesus Christ. There's nothing wrong with humility - unless it prevents us from sharing what God is doing. Another contributing factor to the paucity of posts is the time required to capture in writing an event or an outreach activity. Understood!

But anytime you have something you would like to share that might encourage others to reach out with the Gospel, be sure to contact us. This is an easy blog. Your post could be as short as a couple of sentences or paragraphs - along with a few pictures.

In December 2019, Matthew Cain, in conjunction with the North Street Gospel Hall, and a group of Christian workers organized two Christmas Carol Gospel programs. One was held at a community center in Sackville, Nova Scotia on a Saturday evening, and the second event was held Sunday evening at the North Street Gospel Hall

A cadre of workers distributed invitations beforehand in the neighbourhood. The events were also promoted on FaceBook and Twitter.

I had the privilege of sharing a brief Christmas Gospel message at both these community functions.

Unfortunately,  I do not have a picture of Matthew Cain (aided by Andrew Swan) leading the singing of the carols. Matthew introduced each carol by offering a less than 60-second intro containing historical background to each carol, flavored with some appropriate wit.

The evening was a great success. Some of the community folks sat at the tables enjoying Christmas delicacies to the very end. Many expressed their gratitude. One couple said they sensed a 'spiritual joy' in the Christian young people who helped out. What an impression to be made!

No attempt to bridge this community event with a future Gospel service was made. It was simply a one-time event (may become an annual event) - with no strings attached. Wise! I am certain if anyone wanted more information, their request would have been granted. 😊

The Sunday evening session was held at the North Street Gospel Hall - in place of its regular Sunday evening Gospel service.

The format was similar. The crowd was much larger - with the main auditorium and balcony filled. People from all walks of life, of all ages, and diverse in their ethnicity and religious beliefs - attended.

More than one said how impressed they were with the acapella singing of the carols. The engagement was refreshing and the volume of the blended voices singing the rich lyrics of the Gospel Carols was soul-stirring. Our prayer is that the lyrics, the Gospel Message regarding the Incarnation, and the warmth and kindness of the Christians - would not only be soul-stirring but heart-reaching.

This video and some of the pictures above were taken before the pews filled up.

After the Carol Service, everyone was invited to enjoy Christmas refreshments. The dining room was filled to capacity. If anyone has a picture of the crowded dining room and the loaded tables of food, please send it along.

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