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Luke 19:10

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letter to Your Neighbors

Has the local assembly in your area ever communicated with its neighbors - beyond extending an invitation to attend a Gospel meeting or a special Children's effort?

I have wondered what impressions would be made if every six months or at least annually, the assembly sent a special 'friendly' letter to its neighbors - whether it's a rural community or an urban residential upscale neighborhood or a bedroom community.

What would such a letter say? Not sure. But could it look something like this?

Dear Neighbors,

We're just writing to say that we appreciate the privilege of being able to meet as Christians in this neighborhood to worship the Lord and to share the good news of our Saviour, Jesus Christ with others.

We understand that some in our neighborhood may view spiritual things from a different perspective but that should never prevent us from being good neighbors to each other. A difference in perspectives should never hinder us from showing kindness and expressing a genuine interest and love for our fellow human beings.

As much as we care for each other and the people in our community, God's non-discriminating love and compassion for all eclipses ours.

As Christians we meet every week to pray together. We pray for many things in our local church - our families, our community, our country and our world.

Every home in our community has its unique needs and circumstances. There can be times of great joy but sadly, there are times of much anxiety, worry, disappointment, sickness and even sorrow.

We would like you to know that you can contact us anytime if you would ever value our public or private prayers. It may be for someone in your life or for some situation that is causing you concern and worry. We not only pray when we come together, many of us pray every day privately at home. We would count it a privilege to share in the burdens of a family in this community or in some other matter.

Along this line, if you would ever appreciate a pastoral visit from one of the Christians or would like someone to pray with you or a loved one, be sure to let us know.

You can contact us by phone (obviously you would have to give out contact info) or by email or leave a note in our mail slot. You can identify yourself or remain anonymous.

Thanks again from all the Christians who meet at the ....


So there is no strong Gospel message in the letter. Just a warm, inoffensive letter to your neighbors. After you have won their confidence you can look to the Lord as to how to share, most effectively, the Gospel message. In the meantime, allow the Holy Spirit to do His own unique work in their lives. Maybe your warm letter (even though it's a form letter) will soften their hearts.

It will probably be a 'form' letter they will remember. Not many pieces of mail arrive at their doors carrying a warm message saying that there is a group of people in the community who would like to share in their burdens and pray for them.

Ask your post office for the number of residences in your neighborhood or by postal code. Print off that number of letters and perhaps have the envelope addressed to: Neighbors in our Community. For a few cents each, the postal worker will get your letter in their mailboxes.

What do you think? Could the Lord use something like that to break down barriers? You will never know until you try it.

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