For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.
Luke 19:10

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sharing the Gospel on YOUTUBE

During the 2009-10 Winter Seed Sowers in Texas a number of the people there discussed possible ways to witness to the unsaved. One of the outcomes of that discussion was AtPeaceWithGod. AtPeaceWithGod is a YouTube channel (a YouTube account for posting and sharing videos). The purpose of AtPeaceWithGod is to spread the Gospel to places we may never go and to people we may never meet.

Without any real experience making videos a couple of us took up the challenge to make individual videos. One of the videos, “Atheist No Longer”, is the testimony of an atheist who became a Christian at the age of fifteen. It has really struck a chord, or rather a nerve, with the many atheists on YouTube. A number of lively discussions have taken place with various atheists in the comments section of the videos and through YouTube messages. Because of the active presence of atheist on YouTube another video “I Know Too Much to Be an Atheist” was posted. This has also received a fair bit of attention from the atheists on YouTube although it has not generated the conversation desired like “Atheist No Longer.”

"Woah! Is that what Christianity is?" is a video collage of nine Christian youths who answer questions regarding both their salvation and lives as Christians. This video is the first group video and generated a fair bit of interest, so ideas are being generated for further group videos. Fellow Christians seem much more willing to participate if they are not doing a video alone.

This “project” is very much still in the experimental stage. The most effective way to spread the gospel through a 2-8 minute video is still being sought after. At this point in time, variety and creativity seem to be the best course of action. It is impossible to know exactly what God will use to reach the wide variety of people who access YouTube.

A few AtPeaceWithGod statistics:
Number of videos: 10
Videos in Spanish: 2
Total Video Views: 2409
Total Comments: 162
Number of Contributors: 14

Top Six View Generating Countries:
United States
United Kingdom

Video Titles:
I Know Too much to Be an Atheist
Woah! Is that what Christianity is?

We are looking for ideas and willing participants. Please contact me if you are interested in contributing. 

Submitted by Jeremy Kundert and Anthony Elliott, in fellowship with the assembly at Waukesha, WI.

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