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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Evangelistic Outreach Halifax July 13-17

From Matthew Cain
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In November, I sent out a message informing people about a week of evangelistic outreach in Halifax this summer. Lord willing, we are going ahead with these plans.

In consideration of the Lord’s call for us to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15), and remembering that people are “born again … through the living and abiding word of God” (1Peter 1:23), and that we have the privilege of being “ambassadors for Christ”, “working together with Him” (2Cor 5:20; 6:1), we are proposing a multi-pronged gospel outreach, that we expect will include:  

  1. Seed Sowers / Gospel Text delivery door to door in Halifax (exact community TBD)
  2. Street Evangelism downtown Halifax, including tract distribution and open air gospel meetings
  3. Children’s Meetings in a tent
There will also be daily Bible teaching sessions, with the content of the teaching directed towards younger believers. We will hold such sessions in the evenings, and likely in the mornings as well.

Evenings will potentially involve hymn singing, the above mentioned open air gospel preaching, campfires, or other activity, including the regular mid-week meeting of the assembly here on Wednesday night. The final day of the week will be a day off to enjoy some sunshine and outdoor activities.

This is a great opportunity for young believers to be involved in the spread of the gospel and receive some sound, consecutive teaching. We also look forward to families joining us to enjoy this week together as a family.  There are multiple ways people can be involved, including distribution of texts, driving people around the communities where they will be delivering texts, and helping with suppers as well.

This will be taking place July 13-17, with arrival of anyone from out of town expected on Sunday, July 12th. Due to the amount of organization that is required to carry out this plan, and also because of the need to purchase food and arrange meals for the group, REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. I know that many people will have some interest, but tend to be hesitant in finalizing their plans. You will likely need to put this week into your calendar and commit to coming in advance

There will be a REGISTRATION DEADLINE, likely June 15th. Registration will involve two steps. 1) Filling out a form, signing it, and sending it to me; 2) Submitting a nominal registration fee of $10 (if more than one person in a family is attending, $20 will cover the entire family).  You will not be considered registered until both of these steps are completed. Depending on the response and accommodation availability here, there may be a limited number of spaces available. You are not considered “registered” merely by replying to an email or a Facebook “event”.

Anyone under the age of 16 who wants to participate must have a parent with them in order to participate in this week.

Accommodations for the week can be arranged by yourself or through me. Options will include space in local believers’ homes (while space is available), booking space at a local campground, or a room at a local university dorm (likely Mount Saint Vincent University in Bedford, at a relatively inexpensive nightly rate as the University is happy to rent out these rooms in the summer time when students are gone).  Obviously, those that register first and request accommodation in local believers’ homes will be the first ones to be granted those limited spaces. As with Seed Sowers events in Ottawa and other places that some of you have attended in the past, lunch purchases will be your responsibility. A delicious supper will be provided free of charge at the hall each evening.

The outreach is being carried out in fellowship with the local church meeting at North Street Gospel Hall. The main objectives of the week are to spread the gospel and to provide good Bible teaching for young believers. Working together with likeminded Christians, serving the Lord together as a family, and just enjoying the Christian fellowship will also be a blessing. Attendees will have to adhere to a small number of rules – it is not a free-for-all week for you to do whatever you want in Halifax.  The delivery of texts is an important part of the week, but we do not want you to be so exhausted from that aspect of the work that your minds will not be fresh enough to appreciate the Bible teaching sessions.  We are not going to work you to the bone, but neither is it a week’s holiday. It involves a serious and mature commitment, but we fully expect all who participate to enjoy the time and develop further happy memories stemming from Christian friendship and evangelistic outreach.

We feel it is great for young people, non-young people, and families to be jointly involved in spreading the gospel. I know for some of you this will involve taking a week of vacation from work and we think it will be well worth it. That is one reason we are trying to give you plenty of notice.

If you have any questions, please contact me using the contact information below. Feel free to share this with others.

On Behalf of the Christians Meeting at North Street Gospel Hall, Halifax,
Sincerely Yours in Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Matthew Cain

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