For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.
Luke 19:10

Friday, February 12, 2016

Children's Gospel Songs - Keep Singing

Yesterday, I had a very encouraging email from Steve and Merle Kember, who serve the Lord full-time in Saskatchewan.  Among other things in the email, he shared a little story that encouraged their hearts recently.  I am pasting that story below, praying that it will encourage you in your work with children.

Merle and I continue at the Women’s Prison and were encouraged a week ago in speaking from Isa 1:18, where God is calling people to come and reason with Him. In the middle of speaking, a lady of about 30, spoke out cheerfully saying, “Wow, I never understood before what Jesus really did on the cross when He died for my sins.” We think she may have been saved, but we are not permitted to visit individually.
Also while visiting the prison on another occasion, I spoke on the 4 colours - hearts black with sin, blood (red) of our Lord Jesus cleansing and making our hearts white; and the gold streets of Heaven. 
We then taught them the song, I’m sure you know it…         Our hearts were black with sin,Until the Saviour came in,His precious blood I know,Has washed me white as snow,And in God’s Word, I’m told,           I’ll walk the streets of gold,Oh wonderful, wonderful day,He washed my sins away.
One of the dear ladies seemed deeply touched, and said, “I know that song and all the time you were speaking, I was thinking about that song, and I have always remembered those colours!
We asked her where she learned it. She said she came from a First Nations community in northern Saskatchewan, and when she was a girl she went to a kids club in a little mission in the village and the man and his wife. who ran the mission, taught the kids that song.
It pretty much made us cry, to think of a dear couple, whoever they were, sowing the Good Seed in a far off lonely community, likely wondering at times if it was worth it – and here was a lady sitting in prison, maybe 20 years later, that still remembered!  We felt God had drawn very near to all of us that morning and we have hopes this lady will one day gather with that couple around the Throne of God. 
Think of those 20 years since she first heard that song.  Think of all the dark thoughts that passed through her mind; think of all the deep wounds that are burned into her memory; think of all the inner grief that she has lived with over those 20 years – – amidst the darkness, think of that chorus shining -- yes shining as probably the only light in her life.  Never to be forgotten in her life and throughout eternity is that Christian couple who travelled to her community faithfully and shared, through stories and songs, the wonderful truth of the gospel.

You may be looking for tangible results immediately or at least in the near future.  Keep on loving the children; keep on showing them kindness; keep on responding tenderly to them, even when they may have some annoying times; keep on telling them about Jesus; and keep on singing songs that are packed full of the gospel.

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